Why I am afraid Donald Trump is going to lose the election

Due to early voting in Nebraska, I have already cast my vote for Donald J. Trump. See blog post below. Last night’s debate only reaffirmed my decision. At this late date, most of the information is out and nothing much should change before Election Day. The Dems may have one last October surprise but I doubt that it will be effective at this late date. The possibility also remains that Wikileaks may have Hillary Clinton’s 33,000 deleted emails. If the emails show a clear quid pro quo with a foreign country or some other obvious criminal activity by Hillary Clinton (entirely possible), then Trump would win.

My biggest worry is the polls. The polls are usually right and most of them favor Hillary Clinton. I do, however, take solace in the fact that the polls are built on models and the models may prove defective as we saw with the Brexit vote. The models assume a turnout percentage and they count likely voters. The flaw in the model might be that there is a huge turnout for Trump and some Trump voters were not captured in the polls because these are people who haven’t voted in years. The key here will be winning Iowa, Wisconsin, Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Florida.

Many people dislike Trump’s use of the term “rigged election” but as we have seen there is no doubt there is corruption in the process. Wikileaks has exposed one aspect of the Democrat voter fraud scheme. John Podesta wrote that as long as an illegal alien had a driver’s license, he could lie and say he was a citizen in order to register to vote. Twelve states allow illegal aliens to obtain driver’s license and in Nevada, New Mexico and Utah those fraudulent votes might be the margin of difference for the Democrats. Dr. Ben Carson alleged that 14% of the 10 million or so illegal aliens here have registered to vote.

Thanks to James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas we have learned that convicted felon Robert Creamer of Democracy Partners is an active practitioner in the art of voter fraud. Creamer has been to the White House 342 times and had 47 meetings with President Obama. Creamer may well be the guy who the Clinton campaign complained about in the 2008 primary election who swung the tide for Obama. Until recently he was working for the DNC and Hillary Clinton. There is no doubt in my mind that the DNC has diligently lined up fraudulent votes in all sorts of ways that I can’t even contemplate. The classic dead person voting is probably only the tip of the iceberg with the Democrats. And, of course, no photo ID is required to vote and that is an invitation to fraud. One needs a photo ID to get on an airplane but not to vote. That’s crazy.

Legal challenges to photo ID laws are routinely rejected by the federal judiciary as was recently the case in Wisconsin by a judge appointed by President Obama. In that regard, the judiciary is complicit in failing to protect the integrity of a citizen’s vote.

The other aspect of the rigged election is the media’s corruption is all matters large and small. I witnessed a USA Today reporter launch an emotional attack on James O’Keefe right after the first video was released. Yes, O’Keefe had legal problems in connection with his investigative journalism. Unlike Robert Creamer, however, O’Keefe never spent any time in jail for tax and bank fraud. So the question is presented, Why didn’t the MSM investigate voter fraud instead of a guy with a shoestring operation?

The MSM has largely ignored the Podesta emails and everything released by Wikileaks. It constantly reports on the horse race aspect of the race giving Hillary Clinton a sense of inevitability. The reporting on polls eats up air time and requires no work.   After the debate the MSM went ballistic on Trump’s in-artful comment about conceding the election if he should lose. The way the Dems and MSM spun it, it was on outrage suggesting a forcible takeover of the government by Trump. That same treatment was spun up about his statement that Hillary should be indicted based upon her crimes. “Banana republic!”  The language and intent of Trump’s words has been taken in the worst possible light and really twisted. Trump is inarticulate but sensible people know that a legal election contest and recount is possible given the known voter voter fraud conducted by the Democrats.

The third thing that could cost Trump the election is defections by conservatives. According to one poll, third party candidate Evan McMillian stands a chance of winning Utah. To my mind that is only because that state’s large Mormon population can’t stand the thought of the crass and immoral Trump in the White House. This error in thinking is extremely foolish as the most law abiding of our citizens will end up putting the lawless Clintons back in charge. Cruel cynicism and trickery by the Democrats will end up duping conservative voters.

Finally there are a number of voters who see Hillary Clinton as the “safe” choice. The Omaha World-Herald’s endorsement of her is in that school of thought. Trump can come across as a crazy man at times and not too much different than President Dwayne Camacho in the movie Idiocracy. I’ll admit that I was, at first, put off by Trump’s style and presentation but I got over it. Many conservatives, however, have not. The failure of conservatives to unite behind the GOP candidate – combined with voter fraud in a few swing states – may well end up costing Trump the White House. That’s the rigged election of which he speaks.

David D. Begley, Omaha, Nebraska




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“Human beings are emotional creatures that occasionally use reason, not rational creatures that occasionally feel.”

Pat Grady

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Why I voted for Donald J. Trump

I am confident that I am the only person in America who has personally seen Hillary Clinton six times, Donald Trump five times, Bill Clinton twice and Chelsea Clinton once at campaign rallies. Power Line blog published my reports. I write with some authority on the topic of the 2016 Presidential election.

My first impression of Donald Trump was that he was a crass and rich blowhard. His presentation was the opposite of my then preferred candidate, the polished CEO Carly Fiorina. I did, however, admire his success in business and liked the fact that he was a political outsider. Over time I have come to the conclusion that while Trump might not be the President you want, he is the President that America needs at this time.

Trump’s signature issue is illegal immigration and two stories from the campaign trail illustrate why I think he should be elected.

The first time I saw Trump was in blue collar Sioux City, Iowa. I had a long conversation with “Janet Jackson.” Janet told me how she was the only American  citizen working the production line of a local meatpacking plant and that she had to pester human resources for months for the job. All of her co-workers were illegal aliens. She needed the job to pay for her family’s health insurance premiums. She also told me how she met her husband in the 70’s when she was then driving her new convertible.  I doubt she could afford a new car today as all wages have been flat for years.

The plant where she worked was raided by ICE. When it was re-opened the same illegal aliens returned to work (according to her) but with new names and Social Security numbers, albeit at lower wages.

Janet had no ill will towards her co-workers but she knew deep down that illegal aliens suppress all wages and deprived her fellow citizen neighbors of jobs. She was enthusiastic for Trump because he was her voice that had been unheard in DC for decades.

The other illegal immigration story relevant here happened in Omaha and not more than ten miles from where I write this. Sarah Root of Iowa had just graduated from college with a perfect 4.0 grade point average when she was hit and killed by a drunk illegal alien in Omaha.

Sarah Root is everyone’s daughter or sister. Burn that into your brain. And the tragic fact is that her death never should have happened. That’s because the Obama Administration refuses to enforce the law and the illegal alien should have been returned home to Honduras when he was first caught in Arizona in 2013 by the Border Patrol.

I know how the Left works. They assert that people die all the time in car accidents. “It was an isolated incident!” Wrong. The legal concept of proximate cause overrides this fallacy. But for the Obama Administration’s open borders policy, Sarah Root – and hundreds more like her – would be alive today. In other words, the open borders policy has inflicted a crime wave upon America that we should not have had to suffer.

Trump will stop the open borders policy. He will restore the Rule of Law in this country. I have long been of the belief that if America doesn’t have the Rule of Law, then we have nothing. That’s a big part of what the Founders gave us and we better keep it or we lose our country.

On the other main issues, I am in agreement with Power Line’s John Hinderaker. Trump has a chance to do some good for America. Our taxes are too high, the tax code is a mess and that constrains macro growth. Obamacare has failed and it needs to be replaced. Clearly we can do better on trade deals. Our enemies need to fear us again and with our depleted military that is no longer the case. ISIS needs to be defeated so soundly that even they will know they are beaten. Our bountiful American oil and gas resources need to be unleashed. Nearly two-thirds of Americans believe that we are on the wrong track. Trump is an agent of change. He can put us back on the right track. Hillary Clinton is more of the same.

From the outset of the campaign I opposed Hillary Clinton on both policy and character. My opinion has become stronger as the campaign advanced.

In the words of Richard Nixon, the American people need to know that their President is not a crook. Well, Hillary Clinton is a crook and I don’t make that charge lightly.

It is now clear that the FBI intentionally did not perform a proper investigation of Hillary Clinton’s use of a private server and her gross negligence in handling our national security secrets. Apparently the thinking of FBI director James Comey was that he was  going to let the voters decide if they wanted a lawless President and he would give them just enough information to reach that fair conclusion.

But for me the larger issue is why did Hillary Clinton setup a private server from day one at the State Department? Partly to avoid FOIA requests but, in my opinion, the primary reason was to conduct her secret bribery scheme with the Clinton Foundation. It is called by the press “pay for play” but let’s be honest here: It is bribery at the highest levels. Quid pro quo.

The Clintons and their cronies are sharp. I suspect that in the bowels of the Clinton Foundation there are memos from attorneys Cheryl Mills, Bruce Lindsey or the law firm of Williams & Connolly outlining the appropriate federal statutes and case law and how to avoid indictment for bribery. But the thing is that in any criminal enterprise mistakes are made. An errant comment is made in an email. Some one lower down the food chain makes a mistake or doesn’t know the law. Many of the money payers to the Clinton Foundation were foreign countries and they don’t have our Rule of Law tradition so admissions against interest might be found in the emails.

So the damning emails had to be kept off the government servers in the first place and then destroyed after Congress subpoenaed them. And that, ladies and gentleman, is the cover-up and the crime of obstruction of justice.

The media has mostly ignored and downplayed Hillary Clinton’s lawlessness. The Clinton campaign has rolled our the biggest red herring in political history: Donald Trump’s alleged nasty behavior and words towards women. The cruel cynicism of this ploy is that it might persuade some women and moral values voters to elect a woman who covered for her alleged rapist husband and together – the two of them – have contributed to the decline in public morality while they grifted their way to millions. Sad!

On the issues, Hillary Clinton has nothing to make America better in the future. Politics, at its core, is about the future. I never heard one inspiring point or program from her. It was all vapid pap. What does “Stronger Together” mean when half of the country strongly opposes her?

One of her main platform points is solar and wind energy. This means more federal tax subsidies to her friends and punishment to her enemies in coal and oil states. The remarkable thing here is that wind and solar energy has failed in Europe and the prices are way higher than here. It makes no sense that America should not exploit its natural resources and tech advantages. See, Adam Smith’s “The Wealth of Nations.”

Hillary Clinton has touted her record at the State Department. “She has experience! She flew lots of miles!” Any objective observer would have to conclude that she was a massive failure in foreign affairs. Libya remains in chaos and by all reports that was her baby. In Syria the number of people killed is roughly equivalent to the population of Omaha and millions have been displaced. The use of “smart power” at the beginning in Syria would have avoided much death and destruction.

Carly Fiorina called out Mrs. Clinton and asked what did she accomplish at State. There was no answer of substance. At one point I heard about her hiring new people at the State Department to advance the rights of women in foreign countries. Not too effective given the rapes of women and head chopping by ISIS.

The entire world will rue the day that the Obama Administration cut the Iran deal. (Unconstitutionally done, in my view, as it was effectively a treaty that should have been ratified by the Senate.) Iran is not like other countries. It does not play by the rules of the international community. It wants to become great again and President Obama has helped Iran enormously. We had Iran on the mat and we should have stepped on its throat when we had a chance. When one is up ten with three minutes left in a basketball game, the coach doesn’t quit coaching to win.

Hillary claims she is the champion for women and in the last debate she said she would see that women get equal pay. The first time I heard that out of her mouth in Iowa I thought where was the Obama Administration the last seven years on this issue?

We learned from Wikileaks that Hillary Clinton favors open borders. What that means is another 10 to 20 million people in the next four years and more “isolated incidents” like the tragic death of Sarah Root. We have no moral or legal duty to admit anyone into the United States and the President’s first duty is to advance the economic well being and personal happiness of its citizens. Citizens, not foreigners. The interests of certain corporations and the Democrat party, however, are contra.

Another thing we learned from Wikileaks is that Hillary has private and public positions. She told Green groups “to get a life” but publicly she opposed fracking and Keystone XL. What is it?

On another life and death matter, Hillary Clinton with a series of tweets was able to knock billions off of the market capitalization of biotech companies. What does that mean to the average person? It could translate into no IPO or secondary stock offering needed by an unproven biotech company to discover and test drugs to cure cancer. Her friends on Wall Street know that but they also know that they can pay off the Dems and work around it. That’s how the corruption game is played today.

Finally, my main concern is that Hillary Clinton will be immune from conviction upon impeachment regardless of what crimes might later come to light. She will become America’s unaccountable Queen. The media, of course, will cover for the historic first woman President who happens to be the spouse of the last impeached President. Given the corruption we have seen, I doubt there is any evidence that would persuade a Democrat Senator to vote to remove her from office. And Hillary knows this and she will act in a lawless and unaccountable fashion. It will be four years of law breaking, drama, conflict, stagnation and angst. Fires on all fronts in foreign affairs while our enemies try to exploit her weakness. We can avoid this. With Trump, there is at least a chance of making America great again.


David D. Begley, Omaha, Nebraska







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“A lot of zeroes are not a lot. They’re still nothing.”

Ann Althouse

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“Great literature is simply language charged with meaning to the utmost possible degree.”

Ezra Pound

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“Life is a comedy to those who think, a tragedy to those who feel.”

Horace Walpole

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Ann Althouse and Laslo Spatula

“You can’t trust a person with power who doesn’t have an internal moral core and is governed by self-restraint.” AA

I won’t mention Hillary, so: Obama.

I am Laslo.

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